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Dating Romantic

Fact about relationships

Sometimes the relationship is not working because you're dating a person who is really broken.A person who didn't heal from the past trauma.Someone with insecurities.You will never enjoy a relationship when you're dating someone who still need closure.They will always compare you with their exes.You will always get accused of cheating.You won't even have time to go out with your friends without your partner checking up on you every second.I feel like getting in a relationship when you're still broken is being selfish.You end up making your current partner suffer because of the sins that were created by your Ex.Before you get in a new relationship make sure you're at a good space.Being in a good space make relationship enjoyable and also set your mind free from all the things you witnessed or came across from your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Relationship can only last if both of you trust each other.

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