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Stigmatism of abuse and the reflections

Some women lives a life of lies and still believes that he will change. While some are individually stuck in that structure of abuse. Yes you love him, as you've done much on him even though did he change? Those words he used on you when he culms down, do he really mean it? No, because he is scared to loose you and find those whom can handle him. He will try hard to convince you that his changed. And as love binds two, you will live under his reflections and even his shadows.

Such people lack confident and they are ruled by insecurities. They have lots of friends to cheer them up while sharing nothing that makes sense. They will show others that they are man enough, but when they get home they act violently out of control. They are in denial of been told to, in such they don't want to talk about anything involving their behavior.

So if your thriving in such kind of relationship, be warned that happiness won't be your biggest break. In order to live in a free based world be allergic to such strange characteristics. We all need to share the out comes of what is based on happiness first. No matter how charming he is, at first sight of what you've been looking for play away quickly and be safe.

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