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6 things you should never tell people.

We appreciate you taking the time to click on this article; once you've finished reading it, you'll have all the information you need without having to discuss it with anybody else. Let's get started without spending too much time, shall we?

1. If you tell other people your plans, they will find a way to foil them. If you tell another person your intentions and those plans are for something that will lead you to the highest level, then that other person will do all in their power to thwart those plans and prevent you from reaching your goals.

2. Do not reveal your weaknesses to other people because they will use them against you. The biblical account of Sampson is related to this particular statement perfectly. He explains to Delilah where his power comes from and asks her what she has done. She shaved off all of his hair.

3. If you let others know about your past failures, they will always view you as a failure and will never give you another chance.

4. Don't notify others about your next major move; instead, carry it out in secret, then surprise them with the effects of your actions.

5. Keep your secret to yourself; only a fool will divulge information of this nature.

6. Do not reveal your income or the source of your revenue to other individuals.

Keep them guessing at all times.

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