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Ladies, Easy ways to get a shy guy you like

It's difficult to know if a shy guy likes you when you're talking to him. It can be difficult to get a timid man to share his sentiments, but there are techniques to make him feel more at ease and secure in doing so. Taking your relationship to the next level can be difficult when you're dealing with a shy guy.

1. Look him in the eyes.

Maintaining prolonged eye contact communicates your interest in him. If you want him to feel at ease, make eye contact with him and keep it for a few seconds. If you make him feel at ease, he'll be more willing to provide information to you. If he can't meet your look, don't be alarmed; he's probably just nervous.

2. Put a gentle hand on his arm or shoulder and say something to him.

Make him feel at ease by breaking down the physical barrier. When you laugh at his humor and you're both together, pat his hand or touch his arm. This is a good method to let him know you like him and possibly encourage him to open up to you further.

Give him a hug or a kiss on the cheek if you choose. If he touches you in return, it's an indication he's interested in you.

Make some room for him in your life.

He'll be more forthcoming if he misses you. Seeing him a couple times a week is fine, but let him some alone time as well. It's a win-win situation for shy men because they typically require some alone time to recover and refuel. Allow him to take the lead on some of your initiatives.

As a fourth option, inquire if he's in the market for a relationship.

See if he's interested in you by finding out how he feels about dating. The more he wants to be with you, the more likely it is that he likes you. It's possible he's just trying to let you down easy if he refuses to answer your questions or says he's not interested in dating.

5.Be the first to express your emotions.

If he knows you like him, he'll be more likely to share his information with you. Make him aware of your feelings for him so that he is more open to sharing his sentiments with you. Even if you don't want to make a huge deal out of it, you can tell him how much you appreciate him and care about him.

Send him a text message rather than meet up in person.

Shy men typically feel more at ease communicating via text than in person. Instead of confronting him verbally, consider messaging him to learn more about his thoughts and feelings. The fact that he likes you can make him more open to telling you about it if he can just text you about it.

Despite the fact that it may seem less romantic than an in-person conversation, you can still express your feelings for him via text. It will relieve both of your stress and allow you to speak more freely.

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