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Ladies Can you Stay With a Man Who Behave Like Siyacela Dlamuka ?

I was so surprised to see Siyacela not concerned that his peers are from writing exams while he is not, he is not even moved he's busy asking them how they wrote the exam as if he is the one who set the exam paper, personally I could never be with a man as mean as Siyacela. It is very clear that Thando is being bullied by this boyThando my heart bleeds for you and I hope when you finally wake up, you won’t be pregnant because a child will be a permanent connection to Siyacela whether you’re together or not, you must leave him now because this boy is a spoilt brat that doesn't even know whether it's raining or shining, but this a lesson to learn because these kids want to get in older people's shoes thinking that marriage is a world of juice and honey, if they don't learn from (Isencane lengane) personally it's a good lesson for the young ones and Siyacela has to do something with his weight he can't speak without losing his breath

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Isencane Siyacela Thando


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