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Take Note: Important things Girls Want From You, But Scared To ASK

Every woman wants to be loved. It is true that women are soft and fragile beings who must be treated and treated with care and love if they are to retain their worth. How you start your day determines how the rest of the day is essentially shaped. Everyone wants to start the day with joy and happiness and also with praise from someone special.

In this article, I reveal 4 compliments and gestures that every woman wants but doesn't ask for every morning.

1. Wake them up in the morning Just like you wake up your children in the morning, women too love it when you wake them up in the morning with a warm and charming gesture. Waking up gives them a sense of security and love knowing that someone is looking after them and cares deeply about their wellbeing.

2. Say good morning to her and ask her how the night went. A beautiful day should start with a good day and end with a good night from a loved one. Every woman loves, cherishes and reveres the moment when her spouse gently takes her hand and says, "Good morning, how was your night?" This gesture gives them a sense of serenity and puts them in an instant state of ecstasy. Greeting your wife or girlfriend in the morning gives you the confidence and motivation for a successful day. 

3. kiss 

This may sound uncomfortable to some unromantic people, but believe me, all women want you to hold them tightly around your waist, pull them closer, and gently kiss their lips or forehead.  

This simple gesture of love speaks louder and better than a thousand love quotes and poems as it practically sends a message to your beloved that she is very much loved and adored by you, her charming prince. 

4. Tell her that you love her The phrase "I love you" is more than a simple statement, it means a lot. The sentence comes with a lot of power and verve that motivates and establishes a positive day for your spouse. Every woman wants him to hug her and tell her he loves her. But oddly enough, they'll never ask you to tell them, for the reasons they know best.

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