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The beautiful love story of a Mad couple who are married for 22 years with three Children.

The Romantic Story Of A Mad Couple Who Are Married For 22 Years With three Children.

We have heard about many romantic testimonies like that of Romeo and Juliet. In today's article, we can be viewing some other romantic tale however of a mad couple.

A Nigerian female diagnosed as Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi found out how she become stimulated via the affection tale of a mentally unstable couple named Samadi and Cynthia, who've been married for 22 years with three children.

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She narrated that; Before going insane, Samade have become a graduate of Nsukka University in Nigeria, wherein he studied achieved physics. 

Every villager well-preferred Samade for his features and competencies. Madness couldn't do away with his abilities and talents. Passers-by means of manner of include not being able to overlook his dance actions and melodic voice.

Those who listened and watched him sing and dance without musical devices wanted he wasn't insane for the enjoyment he introduced them.

Cynthia and Samadi had been not from the same city. His spouse become imagined to be from the jap a part of us of a, consequently, they spoke different languages.

The insane couple shared a house, had disagreements, and in the end settled without all people knowing how they did it. Their union resulted at the beginning of three children. 

Oluwayemisi explained that they begged for the reason that that that they had no one-of-a-kind way of earnings. These lived together for twenty- years without seeing a marriage counsellor or taking marriage lessons.

According to the storyteller, the insane couple lived in a self-built residence underneath a famous bridge close to Orile crossroads. The mad love birds located a method to speak irrespective of their inability to have a thorough speak.

In many instances, the locals witnessed them kissing and hugging every other. They had a ramification of a laugh collectively and did masses of things as a couple. They could have received the best couple of the year if they had been sane.

Samadi died inside the month of July even as Cynthia died in September of the equal one year. She modified into stated to have died of loneliness and despair. 

Their youngsters were adopted by way of three exclusive families, each of whom changed into inspired by way of the mad couple's romantic lifestyles.

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