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What makes a man attractive.

Most men get into heated discussions about the "secret ingredient" when it comes to attracting women. Some say money is all you need, others say looks are the most important thing, some say "play" (whatever that means) is critical to success.

Others say things like confidence or social skills as if something so hard to define could be helpful. But especially when the boys are together (when there are no girls around) and screaming what's important, everyone (we hahaha) has an ulterior motive.

I'm sure you realize this on some level, but when people sit around trying to "describe" the secrets of EVERYTHING, they almost always try to show off on some level. People who spend a lot of time in the gym will talk about the fact that physical appearance is the most important thing.

Men who are well off financially often talk about women love money. Guys who can easily reach around fifty girls a day will say it's just a numbers game and all you have to do is talk to enough women.

When every single boy shares his own "secret", he really honks himself. Pretty boys tend to hang out with girls who prefer pretty boys, which gives the impression that girls only prefer pretty boys, as they are the only girls with whom he interacts.

So when he talks about girls only looking for handsome boys, in a sense he is "showing" how good he is. The truth is there are a billion different things girls choose to do, and if you over-specialize, you will only find girls who are specifically behind it and strengthen your beliefs. Does that mean flirting with girls is completely random?

Not at all. When all things are the same, looking better is better than looking ugly. More money is better than less money. More ambition is better than less ambition.

More self-confidence, people skills, playing is better than less. But one thing in general will help you collect ALL THESE THINGS. And that's just experience. The skills, beliefs, and instincts that drive human interaction, especially those with sexual orientation, are very, very unconscious. It is difficult to deliberately plan seduction as if planning a football career.

You don't have time to think. Just answer "in the moment". It's not like playing chess, where you can think for a while before each move. One way to significantly increase your chances is to practice certain language patterns.

Not big memorized stories, but versatile little linguistic "snippets" that you can put together in the blink of an eye, making you MUCH more charismatic and engaging. The good news is that you can practice them yourself and they will become second nature in the field.

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