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She finally told her mother about what her father did to her, this is how she reacted

A young woman finally opened up about something sensitive to her mother and her mother reacted in a way that many mothers would react if their children were to vent to them about such disturbing news.

See the post below :

Reading the post above, explains how the woman was abused by her biological father and after some time dealing with this trauma and tragedy alone she decided to vent to her mother and thankful that her mother didn't judge or blame her, but gave her the support that she needed. In most cases like this mothers tend to blame their children when things like this happen. 

A father is supposed to be protective not be a prey to his own children.

Tweeps also flooded the comment section with support messages and were proud of her for letting it out so that the healing process can begin. 

Child molester is someone who hurts a child by touching them in sexual way or forcing them to do sexual acts.


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