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My stepfather goes to my room each night at 2am and he does this to me (fiction)

We have all been placed in awkward positions whereby we don't know what to do and who to converse with. 

Like certain individuals, I stay with my mom and stepfather. I'm the lone youngster in the house that houses errands and my mom is constantly worn out. At the point when my cash's home, she eats, stare at the television and rests. 

I'm 16 years of age and I generally rest late in view of school schoolworks that I need to do. 

At the point when my mom is resting, my stepfather consistently goes to my room and proposition to assist me with school work. I can't say no on the grounds that he will blow up. 

Nonetheless, rather than assisting me with the everyday schedule, begins contacting me improperly and at whatever point I advise him to let me be, he lets me know that he is my dad and that he is simply encouraging me. 

He even contacted my boobs and my private spot. How would it be a good idea for me to respond? I'm apprehensive on the off chance that I tell my mom, she won't trust me.

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