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Wedding planning scene

From a magazine advert to the altar meet the Zungus

This week our perfect wedding broadcasted the matrimonial ceremony of Bongani and Alice. One of the most read columns on magazines must be the one's where people seek advice or even where they seek partners. However some people don't think it works but hey it worked for Alice. She had written to the magazine seeking for a partner after she had gone through the most with previous partners. She wanted someone from a different place. Her advert went unnoticed as it caught Bongani's eye.

Bongani called Alice and they met. Although Alice felt at first that Bongani wasn't her type but their love prevailed. Alice is very matured, she's grown even in her faith how she spoke on her wedding day was amazing, you could tell she's a strong believer. Bongani's family grew fond of Alice, you could tell from the way they spoke about her and how they welcomed her.

The couple's wedding wasn't extravagant, it reminded you of the olden days wedding, where it was only just about families being brought together. It wasn't a show of but a celebration of love. Bongani's cool and calm personality is amazing, you can actually trust him for Alice whose also very calm. Their personalities match. The couple's only hiccup was when Bongani cheated on Alice and the lady introduced herself to Bongani's family, where she got disappointed because the family told her they only knew Alice. That was because Bongani had already introduced Alice to them.

I wonder how many families are capable of this though. The Zungus really love their daughter in-law. Sometimes love happens when you least expect it or even in the most unusual way but it's still love. People need to understand that although love is natural but it still needs support. How the Zungus supported this young couple is commendable. However just cause the advert worked for this two doesn't mean it'll work for all people. Each love story is beautiful in its own way. Congratulations to the Zungus!


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