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“These Black Men Married White Women Because They Don’t Ask For Favours” - Black Men On Twitter

Black men took to Twitter to spread a narrative that white women are better and superior than black women.

It started when a man posted a picture of Mmusi Maimane and leaving a caption which insinuated that Mmusi is happy and free because he is married to a white women. He further stated that if Mmusi was married to a black woman he would be stressed and unhappy.

@DladlaChampion posted this on his Twitter account,

I hate this propaganda against black women, giving us a bad rep. If you prefer dating outside your race that's fine, really it's okay! Do so without bringing down black women!

@khonaNX left this comment, “You really gotta wonder how such opinions are so prevalent in a country where most black households are held together by women. But then again that would mean black men would have to see who the problem is so yah.... that's not changing.”

This always comes people who were raised in houses with a white Jesus on the wall & they never outgrew that image so just feel sorry for them.

They nervously quiver & lose their speeches when they are in the presence of whites so you can imagine the idolization.

Black men really hate black women like your own mothers aren't black women, it's so bizzar, the hate you have for black women is really weird.

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