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Why Are Women More Excited In Getting Married Than Men?

Why are women more excited in getting married than men?

due to how the world treat single females and that always make alot of women to do very stupid decisions, trying to run away from the crazy pressure and many have the title daughter in law, sister in-law, a wife, a mother that is slowly killing them day by day.

Not that men ain't equally happy but if they remember the bills, they keep their Joy inside, I will be only get excited when I'll be married by someone who knows the value of being in a marriage, knows how to cherish love from the woman who loves him.

Also because every women at young age dream to be married and have kids and from the young age playing houses it is in thier soul to be women of their home and they are the pillar and strength of any home ,home is a house without them ,as matter fact we all excited to get married but this thing bad cos we have to go through the wrong ones until we meet the right ones , Lord made that in other to appreciate the one that loves you when you have learn how to love right but education has turn our women into blood sucker ,they think true love exist when money is involved ,the rights we have is killing our beautiful culture.

Most women just get excited of the wedding day (wearing a white dress, decoration, cars, the rings n so on), just wearing a ring and being Mrs, excites a woman. It's not marriage that excites most women, it's mostly the wedding and to belong to someone. That's why after the wedding, reality hits them very strong that they even wish to go back home. Men always think about the reality of being the husband, head of the house. Men take marriage very serious, that's why it does not excite them. And most men marry their women because of pressure not that they are ready.

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