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Wedding planning scene

"A beautiful wedding for two" Couple leaves Mzansi in disbelief after doing this in public

When people think of a wedding, it's always something big. Involving families of both parties and their friends aswell. In most cases that's what people go for when they decide they want a wedding. However even though it may have been the norm for quite a while, people are now moving towards having small weddings.

There are different reasons why people to that. For some it's money related while for others it is a personal preference. Irregardless of what the reason, the main important thing is that they do what makes them happy.

Not everyone is fond of having a small wedding, however this shouldn't stop anyone from embracing it. At the end of the day it is not about people but the couple itself.

With that being said a couple left everyone in disbelief after getting married and posting their pictures together. Basically it was just the two of them celebrating in public. People couldn't help but stare. This was something that most people didn't expect, hence they couldn't stop looking at them.

The two looked beautiful together and most importantly happy to have done this. Some people mentioned how they would like to have something similar to this. However raised a concern about their parents wanting something bigger for them. See more of people's reactions down below;

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Couple Mzansi


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