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"Having A Woman In Your Life Is Expensive" || Man says After Checking His Bank balance, See

Date : 06 October 2021

We always say that having someone in your life who will make you the first priority and love you wholeheartedly for who you are is beautiful. Experiencing love is one of the priceless things in life. The thought of being loved and being happy because of a loved one is beautiful. Those who are in love can tell that love is such a beautiful thing. We all need peoe sometimes to love us, create memories with and grow old together.

Isn't it nice to create priceless memories with the person that you love and loves you too?. We need so many love stories to keep on inspiring the public to be in love because not everything will end in tears. Some tend to have fears of being in relationships probably because of their past their experiences. They tend to think that being in a relationship will always end in tears. Today let's talk about the man who took it to Twitter to reveal what he is going through right now in his relationship.

Twitter user by the handle Mtoku has revealed how his relationship is going so far. But it's a pity because he now thinks that having a girlfriend in his life is a lot of work. He posted pictures of his bank balance to show the world that having a woman in his life tend to cost him because sometimes in a relationship people tend to spend money for their loved ones. Mtoku believes that having a woman in his life is costing a lot.

But isn't it nice to be spoiled by your loved ones to show some love.All people in the relationship should make their partner's life a priority and make them happy. What do you think about this?

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