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Husband and wife relationship

Daughters-in-law (marriage materials)

Childhood is stage that is not so complicated compared to adulthood. Growing up is not easy. It is very strenuous. When you reach the stage of adulthood you start stressing more about stable careers, what kids are going to eat, finances and building homes among others. As a lady, getting married and having lovely families is what you want. You often wonder if you will ever get married or not. The question is; are you prepared to be the woman of the house?

A woman who already has a husband dresses in an appropriate way. She acknowledges that there is a huge difference between clothes that are worn in the bedroom and clothes that are meant to be worn when visiting her in-laws.. Daughters-in-law do not wear scanty clothes especially when her parents-in-law are around. They only wear such clothings when they are in the bedroom with their partners.

A woman who is married cannot put on a lingerie in the dining room while her in-laws are present. That will simply imply that she does not respect them. It is immodest.

If you respect your biological parents then show some respect to your parents-in-law too. They have to be respected always. They may be old, but they are the people you will need when you have problems with your husband.

I am not an expert when it comes to marriage, but transparency and intercommunication can keep any marriage strong. Two married people are not supposed to involve their parents in their affairs, unless they seriously have to get involved. Involving more people in your relationship can cause more problems.

People who are married have tendencies of sharing almost everything about their wives and husbands with their biological parents and this is a bad thing. It creates tension between parents and their daughters and sons-in-law, especially if the things they tell them are bad. A proper daughter-in-law does not involve her biological parents in her affairs.

Our parents sometimes choose who we should fall head-over-heels in love or tie the knot with. Please do not take heed to everything they advice you to do. You know what makes you happy and what does not. Arranged relationships or marriages are not good for you. You have to be with someone you love wholeheartedly, not someone your parents wants you to be with.

To the best of my knowledge, marriage is a life time thing. And as such, either the woman or the man should determine whom he or she wants to marry and spend the rest of his/her life with. Parents can only guide their kids on how to choose a husband or wife but cannot take a decision for them.

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