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Husband and wife relationship

UthandoNesthembu: MaYeni Could Be Jealous Of MaCele's Matriarchy

There is no way that people can really understand what went wrong between MaCele and MaYeni and we might get a clear picture if one of them actually sits down and tells us what is going on.

But, obviously, they do not have to, as much as they care about what their audience thinks, there are parts of their lives that they cannot share with the country.

On the viewers' side, it has been a guessing game and it will still be that way for some time, however, we have seen enough that has convinced us that MaCele and MaYeni should never be in one setting for too long.

And this is because there are issues that tend to arise and we will get to see this once again this week and after very encounter they have, they should do all they can to keep their distance.

What has to be interesting to watch is how a lot of people have sided with MaCele without knowing what really happened, the two wives will always get on each other's nerves.

That is something they probably know, and people got to discuss this because there is suspicion that MaYeni could very well be jealous of MaCele's Matriarchy. We might need to highlight that MaYeni was the one who came first, she was Mthombeni's girlfriend before MaCele came into the picture.

One might say that this does not mean anything, but we also have to try and understand that MaYeni might feel some type of way about MaCele. And it is most likely not a hate thing, it is more of a situation where MaYeni probably feels like she could have easily been the first wife.

MaYeni has talked about the times when it only used to be her and Mthombeni, and how things changed forever when the other wives were introduced.

And there is really nothing she could have done, this is what Mthombeni wanted, so everything that we see now was meant to happen.

One thing that is very much clear is that, MaYeni would prefer to be the one and only wife, that could be the life she thought she would eventually get. But, the other wives are part of Mthombeni's life as much as she is part of Mthombeni's life.

As for MaYeni being jealous of MaCele, some people have never seen this, but it could be that she is, just a little and that is actually something that happens. At the end of the day, we can see that they both love their husband, it is unfortunate that they do not get along.

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