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“I Killed Her Because She Dumped Me After I Got Her A Driver's License And Everything” - man confess


Every couple faces difficulties from time to time, but this does not prevent them from loving one another. We occasionally enter partnerships with nothing and, with the support of our partners, we rise to the top and become someone in life. The unfortunate aspect is that most of the time, when we receive these favors, we fail to acknowledge and thank those who assisted us in getting to where we are now. This is exactly what occurred to one couple, and their lives were turned upside down. 

When a man decided to get his girlfriend a passport and a driver's license, he also assisted her in finding employment. This is an amazing thing a man can do for his girlfriend, and it demonstrates how serious he is about their relationship. The lady had accomplished everything and her life was blooming when things took a turn for the worse. She chose to dump her partner one day when she woke up, and it was the saddest day of his life. 

He then went on a vengeance spree and murdered her. He may have chosen to reason with her in a civilized manner instead of doing what he did. We are all aware that doing something for someone does not imply that they will repay you. Everything you do for your mate is an investment as well as a labor of love. Men must learn to manage their anger and understand that they cannot win women's affection through favors or monetary possessions. There's nothing you can do but move on if the love is no longer there. 

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