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Divorce Affair

Why I Disagreed With A Relationship Expert For Saying That Marriage Cannot Be Endured

"Marriage cannot be sustained," Blessing CEO wrote in a recent article on her personal blog. When something can't be changed, she says, endurance comes into play. As an example, she cited a group of males who only had trouble with their tempers at home, but not at work.

I disagree with Blessing CEO's assertion that marriage cannot be survived because our parents and grandparents were able to live with one other and had great marriages despite their differences.

Our parents were able to see past their differences and handle circumstances in which they had misunderstandings because they were prepared. When two people make a promise to be together until one of them dies, they're making a commitment to each other that requires time and patience.

One of the most regrettable trends in marriage is the rise in divorces, which can be traced back to a lack of endurance on the part of the couples involved.

Certain attitudes can be changed, and some men may react less harshly when they are at work than they do when they are at home with their wives. This is true. As a result, they are able to show their spouses more affection since they have a greater level of intimacy with them.

There is nothing wrong with showing these feelings even if it means that you're upset with the other person. In the same way that a man would only tell his wife about some aspects of his life, he would not tell his coworkers.

In some cases, a man's character would improve as a result of a woman's perseverance. For the simple reason that, in the eyes of her lover, she is able to tolerate things that other people might find unbearable. Love and trust may be strengthened as a result.

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