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Husband and wife relationship

5 Toxic Attitudes You Should Deal With In A Relationship

For many women, marriage is something they have been looking forward to since they were little. While this is undoubtedly an exciting and important experience in life, it is best not to rush the altar journey.


This is because you first have to deal with some toxic attitudes that can ruin your marriage.

Some ladies are very toxic. They are poisoned by words, actions and actions. Some are poisonous many times, while others are poisonous when hurt. Here are 5 toxic attitudes you need to deal with before getting into a marriage.

1. Pride:

Pride is feeling that you are more important in your relationship than your partner.

No matter how flawed your partner is, so are you. The moment you start to think you're better than your partner, you're in trouble.

Pride kills relationships. It creates a wedge between two people that destroys intimacy, erodes trust, and rejects peace between partners.

2. Irritation/discomfort:

Our partner does something annoying from time to time. But really, it's our choice whether we let it get to us or not. We can choose to be angry or not.

As a single lady, deal with this bad attitude before entering a marriage. This is because inappropriate expression of anger towards your spouse can hurt him deeply and seriously damage your marriage.

3. Comparison trap:

You have to deal with the attitude of comparing your relationships with others because it is toxic. Getting caught up in comparisons blinds you to the good things about your relationship. You ponder what is missing in your relationship, which can lead to sadness and resentment towards your partner.

Your spouse is not your ex and they are not your friend's husband or wife. They are unique in their own experiences and beliefs. Cope with this attitude so that you can enjoy your partner.

4. Unforgiveness:

Unforgiveness is the inability or ability to forgive someone for hurting, betraying, breaking their trust, or causing you intense emotional pain. The attitude of unforgiveness is very toxic. In a marriage, it eventually erodes the closeness you have established between each other.

As a lady, how many times have you fallen into the trap of keeping score or tracking down your partner's crimes? Would you like them to keep score too?

Forgiveness is a choice that will set you free and allow you to move forward in your relationship. You have to deal with unforgiveness before you get married.

5. Ingratitude:

When you are ungrateful, you are not concentrating on the good in your life, leaving you resentful or even angry. You're scanning for what's missing, making choices based on what's missing rather than what you have to work on, which can really go against your path to true happiness.

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