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Dloz'lami: Initiates beware, an angry 'gobela' will fight you even in the after life

This week, like Thembi says, Idlozi look us all the way to Mangaung, Qwaqwa to meet Refilwe Moloi who was having vivid dreams of her father. She was feeling as though her life lacked direction and that there were problems at home. It is something that becomes apparent when an angry spirit comes to the fore front before her father can. An angry "gobela" (a tradition healer who trains initiates) who has passed and believes she is owed. She was at the gates of the house, waiting for her payment.

It is unclear how Refilwe's mother even got started with initiating since her husband later calls her own mother and grandmother forward. They also do not acknowledge anything about that in her maiden family. It seems like she was consulting everywhere and being pulled in many different directions without any foundation. But her actions have lasting implications.

Her children's lives have come to a stand still and her husband isn't interested in fixing it. He's furious with her. She has picked up muthi, something male ancestors implicitly do not like. She has abandoned him and his grave, which was only recently found again. She is the reason a spirit that is unwelcomed lingers around his home. Of course nothing can grow when the matriarch is so misled and morose.

Her daughter's tried to bring forward their issues but they dismissed very quickly as their father made his point clear. He came for himself. People had tried to use his spirit to work for them on the other side and he had fought so hard he was naked now. They didn't even know where his grave was and they now that they did, they still didnt bring him home.

The lesson here is so important. We start to get desperate when things go wrong that we think the solutions are external. Come to find, that according to her grandmother, Mama Moloi is depressed. If she had sought other means first she would not have brought a dark cloud into her home.

The resolution to her problem included a simple white doek and going to a professional. But now she has to fix the problems she caused. Her children's lives are stagnant along with hers. I think it's important to remember how much our parents decisions affect us. The ancestors were afraid of Mama Moloi and did not wish to talk to her, it can't have been easy to hear that

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Source: Dloz'lami on Moja love DSTV channel 157

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