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Wedding planning scene

Simo Shabangu is nowhere to be found on his wedding day

The venue is ready, the guests are invited, the house is full to watch the bride saying I do but the big question is where's the broom? That will be the problem that will need to be solved by Grace Medupe on her wedding day.Romeo Medupe who's Grace son have tried by all means to make sure that Simo who's his half brother disappears and he doesn't come near his mother because he knows that the wedding will end in tears. All Romeo did seem to have pushed his mother more close to Simo.

After all Romeo's efforts he failed to stop the relationship between Simo and Grace. Grace has agreed to marry Simo.People are asking themselves that will the wedding continue? Will Violeta and Romeo allow the wedding? Grace told Romeo many times to stay out of her business, she also told him that she's old and she can make her own decisions but he saw that his mother is getting herself in trouble.Simo will keep his bride and guests waiting on the wedding but he'll be nowhere to be found and that will cause a heartbreak to Grace. Where could he be? Did Romeo kill him? People are asking many questions about the groom. This will lead Grace to tell everyone that the wedding is no longer happening.

Do you think Romeo has something to do with Simo's disappearence?

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