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Don't Fall A Victim: Know The 5 Ways Men Easily Deceive Young Girls To Defile Them

In our society today, many girls are contaminated or raped by some men, it may be because of how they dress or some men like girls and that is not a good thing. 

But I'm going to teach you how to protect yourself from the men who, when you were young, saw nothing good in you, but we're just trying to invade you or contaminate each other in the name of a relationship. . So if you are a mother or a father reading this article, it is your responsibility to counsel and protect your children, especially girls. It will be for our good to protect our daughters so they can grow up in godly lives. To go the way and be good and positive future leaders in our society for the years to come.

The truth is that some men like to do things with young girls 9-17+, which is not right. Here are 5 ways men can easily trick girls into accessing or desecrating girls.

1. Don't follow a man to a party if you are 9-17 years old. Say no to parties or nightclubs at this tender age. These things will make you look cheap, and some men may have more access to contamination. Going to a party or nightclub when you are 12 doesn't make you a tall girl or elegant girl, it means you are cheap. And a man like that never cares about you because he can't take his sister or someone close to him at 91-7 to a nightclub or party. Many negative things happen at a party, and if you are not wise or careful enough, several men can stun and poison you. Hence, it is best to avoid nightclubs or parties when you are young.

2. He might tell you that the only way to show that you love him is by allowing him access to you or doing things that married people do in the other room, that's wrong. Never give your body to a man who is not married. What does a man do with a 9-17-year-old girl? Stay away from these men or you may regret your actions. Sometimes, if you are unlucky, you can get pregnant at a very young age, which will embarrass your family and friends.

3. He always asks you to spend days or nights with him, never to accept these tricks, to tell him that you are still young and still a student, you cannot spend the night with any man other than your husband. If he wants to marry you, he should visit your family and do whatever it takes. Today many young girls have been contaminated with this method by some men.

4. Never drink alcohol when going out with a man. A 9-17-year-old girl shouldn't be seen drinking alcohol or even dating a man, it's completely wrong. Don't drink anything, including juice, tell him you are fine because he may be trying to get you too drunk or pass out so that he can have easy access to you. Runaway from these men without turning back.

5. They can give you money to buy your trust or your body. All they have to do is trick you out of your low budget to make you think they love you. They may even tell you that if you go out with them, they'll buy you phones, clothes, hair, etc. Now they could even tell you that you are the most beautiful woman in the world and that you look more beautiful than his wife. He's cheating on you, he doesn't love you, he just wants to use you. So run away from these men.

A 9-17-year-old girl should take her education seriously and not follow men up and down. If you have a bright future for yourself, follow these 5 steps.

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to like, share, comment, and follow me for more articles on relationships. God blesses you.

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