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"Don't come to my house." One says after spotting a repairman truck with a weird message.

It is nature and natural for men to want to fix things, it’s the way most men are, and society expects it of us. At least that was my upbringing. You feel inadequate in a way if you can’t ‘come through’ for people.

Men will always try to fix something when it breaks even if they have no knowledge of it, l guess it's part of being a man. So what happens if you cannot fix something?

The obvious answer is taking it to a repair man. A lot of people were left in stiches and others left insulted after a post was made on a repairman's truck with a seemingly hilarious marketing message.👇🏾

The responses were really hilarious, one gentleman even responded by saying "Don't come to my house."

It is the message on the truck that got the attention of many, but in actual fact there is no harm in the message at all, that is just a double entendre sentence.

On a serious note though, it is normal for a husband to focus on buying groceries but never fixing things in the house, not all men are handy but that does not make them less than other men either.

People are gifted in different ways, some are good with their hands and others are not. If you cannot fix things that are broken in your house it's wiser to hire a professional repairman to help you.

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