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"A darling today, a beast tomorrow" Woman exposes her violent boyfriend

"A darling today, a beast tomorrow" Woman exposes her violent boyfriend

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I cannot fathom how proof of abusive relationships makes its way on social media ever so much when one woman is abused and killed in the process. Looking at how much of a big community Twitter is, you'd expect that seeing these pictures and reading about the experiences of abuse of women, men would have a change of heart and seek ways to deal with their violent tendencies.

It hasn't been a week since Namhla Mtwa's death and brutal abuse from her boyfriend trended on social media.

A few hours ago, yet another woman shared snaps with her boyfriend. On one end, it seems like the two are picture perfect and what I'd call couple goals. On the other end, the lady's nose is oozing blood and her eye is shut close from what I'm assuming to be a punch.

Attached to the pictures is a caption that left my heart sad for the lady and every other woman having to deal with abusive men who are hot in one day, and cold on another.

"Today he’s loving and caring,tomorrow he’s a beast, Relationship is very hard. 💔"

For some odd reason, the comments were not giving. The lady was accused of staying in the relationship to fund her slay queen life and that if she were to leave, she'd run back into struggling.

Doing this not only desensitizes the case, but banks on the idea that men who financially support women have a right to abuse them because after all, they will turn a blind eye and continue living for the socials.


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May 24, 2022.

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