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Husband and wife relationship

"I'm pretty sure l will make a beautiful Makoti one day." says a young lady

As human beings we naturally need a solid companionship at some stage in our lives. Although marriage rates have dropped in the past ten years among men and women, many people are still looking to tie the knot.

 Paying attention to recent trends in marriage may give you clues on how to find a wife with whom you can build a strong marriage. You can also improve your odds by searching for your perfect match in your daily life, or by striking out and trying something new.

One lady has smashed the internet by claiming that she is perfect wife material after she posted this.👇🏾

I strongly believe that most men aren’t very happy without a woman, but we won’t admit that because we are to tough for that. Men need women to need them, at least I do. A wife is a friend. A wife is a companion. A wife gives you a reason to come home after work. A wife directs your energy to useful things instead of big boy toys.

I can only hope that this lady is the perfect wife material she claims she is. A lot tweeps responded to the post by praising the lady as she looked beautiful in the pictures.

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