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Here are the 4 main causes of family conflict

Some families may look happy on the street but you might find out that they are always fighting inside the house. It is always little things causing these fights, things that could be avoided with simple understanding and accepting one another's situation.

I consulted for the main causes of conflicts in families and I found four of those reasons which I summarised below:

1 Finances and Jobs

When a grown member of the family is unemployed, he will find him or herself being put under pressure to get a job so that they can be able to contribute. That person might suffer from stress and there is a good chance that they might take it out on some people at home. A family that is struggling financially is bound to have conflicts due to stress from expenses.

2 Child Discipline

This happens if one parent is a 'disciplinarian' while the other parent is a 'consoler.' There will always be a lack of agreement regarding a child who is not disciplined. That child will run to the parent who is a 'consoler' while the 'disciplinarian' is dying to punish him or her. The parents will be drawn into disagreement and that will result into a conflict.

3 In-Laws and extended family

This happens when extended families and in-laws try to interfere in your family affairs. They will obviously choose sides and that will turn the couple against each other. It is unfair because people will want to implement the ways that they run their own families to your own family. It becomes even worse if this comes from the wife's side of the family because the husband will feel like his wife is using his family to overpower him.

4 Sibling Rivalry

This originates from how the children behave amongst each other. If one of them feels like he or she is being unfairly treated compared to the other, that is going to cause jealousy and it will lead to a fight between them. Family members might find themselves being divided by this little thing. The best option is to love them equally.



I believe that families live peacefully if they spend a lot of time together without judging one another. A home involving only immediate family members is always peaceful because they tend to treat one another equally and no one feels like an outsider. Vacations are important for them to have enough time to bond.

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