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Husband and wife relationship

10 Signs Your Woman is Not Satisfied In Bed

In this part of the world, it is shocking that we are no longer allowed to have private conversations in our bedrooms. The husband is not allowed to tell his wife whether he is satisfied or not; It is never allowed to say that a wife is feared as a prostitute. As a result of this debilitating situation, many relationships leading to divorce and affected families have been suppressed. This explains why we need to deal with this situation immediately.

 Women seem to be most affected by this social illness; If they are not classified as prostitutes or social prostitutes, they are not allowed to express their satisfaction with their partner's bedroom activities. It is now your responsibility to know the warning signs that your girlfriend is not happy in bed.

 In this article, I will show you ten signs that your woman is unhappy in bed.

 1. Avoid pressuring her to do more.

 Women are smart, and before they can feel satisfied about their bedroom, they start by letting them know that they are not satisfied and that you need to work harder to meet their needs. When your girlfriend starts to tell you this, you should know that she is not satisfied with her bedtime routine.

 2. When she stops screaming in her bedroom

 Women's bedroom screams are a way of expressing their happiness and affirmation of your efforts. As a result, if your friend stops making those noises, it is a sign of dissatisfaction with your bed performance.

 3. When you go to bed as soon as the bedroom is finished.

 This may not be surprising to you, but it is a fact of life. Female hormones are always active and active after each bedroom activity, which explains why women do not fall asleep immediately after the activity because their bodies are still working hard. As a result, if your wife falls asleep shortly after the activity, this indicates that she is not doing enough to stimulate the hormone and that she is not satisfied with your efforts.

 4. When you start making fun of your bedroom by making jokes about them

 This is another clever way for women to express their unhappiness in bed; They do it jokingly so as not to hurt your ego. When your wife starts to underestimate your efforts in the bedroom, you should know that she is not satisfied with your performance.

 5. When your friend starts refusing to sleep with you

 When your wife starts to refuse to sleep with you, it is a sign that she is unhappy in bed, and you need to take action to correct the situation.

 6. When he starts yelling at you to hurry up doing something in the bedroom.

 This is a hint that your girlfriend is unhappy with your performance and urges you to rush her between bedroom steps.

 7. When she starts to get to her destination and she is tired

 Another sign that your woman is unhappy in bed is when she comes home late and tired. This indicates that she is trying to work on herself before returning home. So it is as if they put some effort into it.

 8. When you start bringing herbs to you from time to time

 Some women take this more proactive approach, and if you feel unsatisfied in bed instead of looking for other men to meet their needs, they may choose to help you by bringing plants to your bed for you to use.

 9. When you start whispering about doing some exercise

 Women understand the importance of exercise by increasing their bedroom effort, which is why it bothers you to run when your girlfriend is not satisfied in bed.

 10. When you no longer choose to sleep in the same room as you.

 When your wife stops sleeping with you in the same room, it is a sign that she is not satisfied with her sleep experience.

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