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Husband and wife relationship

L00k what Makamu bought for his wife, she will definitely not accept this

The only thing I picked up from the case of Pastor Makamu is that when people love you, they loved you and they can't fake it. The whole support his getting is because of love he received from those he helped before, those who shared a table with him before, those who watched his shows on Channel 157.

many are disappointed but still feel he needs to be around, still feel his impact in the community is needed regardless of this situation that shocked everyone. As much as many people would forget all the good you did and only remember one bad thing about you, it looks like in his case that is all an opposite.

I watched his show on 157 I listen to his sermons on videos but what makes me mad is not seeing him own up to what he did, by just apologising to the girls family and the followers. yet he only did to his wife nd own church🙄 that's what make me stop believing in him yes he did good but the way he handles this makes me doubt him. And I don't bother or trust anything that he preach nor will i waste my data watching him, I don't hate him I hate how he handles the situation.

His human and there are human moments too

Temptations come ,trials Come we fail we fall we rise

If God forgive him who are we to Judge

It was a phase he walked through.

He will train others thru that experience.

Understanding Anointing is hard men and women of God fight serious battles we don't see.

David failed God too. "said a Facebook followers


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