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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Memes that will put smile on your face

Brother: My teacher remembers you

Me: What did she say?

Brother: You are still her worst student.

Me: I'm still worthy!When your battery is 1% and your crush texts

Am I the only one who gets excited when the car I am in overtakes another car??Dating a hustler is not easy. Around 03:30am boom 'baby wake up I have found a buyer the mattress'Now that I'm rich, I want a man who is loyal, humble, calm, kind, faithful, loving and who will always listen to me. Hummm! I think you should buy a male dog. A month before exam. 20 days before exam. 15 days before exam. I week before exam. Night before exam. I have seen someone doing this

Me looking at my own pictures By the percentage of your battery how handsome you are. My phone:

Me convincing myself that I'm looking cute after I cut my own hair It's important to open wedding gifts, some friends are evil

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