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4 Things You Should Never Beg A Man For.

Your partner shouldn't have to do everything for you. If you're looking for something in your dating life that you don't currently have, talk about it or ask for it, but don't start. A woman shouldn't constantly press her partner for what she wants or needs. In other words, what do you expect from him if you have to bribe him in order to get him to do what you want? Getting off to a bad start may be humiliating and disgusting.

There are some things you should never, ever ask for, no matter how much you like or respect your spouse.

1. Don't beg for his time and attention.

Because of who you are and what you have to say, you deserve admiration. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, just as you would want others to treat you. You shouldn't have to beg for a man's undivided attention if he genuinely loves you. It's important that he can tell if you're disillusioned or delighted or sad.

It isn't always worth it to date a man who doesn't show empathy and consideration for your emotions.

2. You should never, ever beg a man to love and respect you. This is an absolute no-no. If he doesn't prioritize you and show how much he loves you, he isn't ready to be with you.

3. Never ask a man to be with you if he isn't interested in doing so; this is the third and last rule. If a person doesn't want to be with or marry you, don't ask. If you do so, you'll simply end up inflicting more harm than good.

He would give you his whole attention if he adored you. Uninterested people do not deserve your love and attention. Take a hard look at yourself and decide to end the relationship. Even if you want the relationship to work, you shouldn't have to grovel for everything.

When both couples are on the same page, love is a joy to behold. When you compel someone to love you, you're doing yourself a disservice. No, I've never had to beg for any of the things I've listed above. If you've had any personal experience with this, please leave a remark.

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