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Meet a guy who won 30 Million from Betting and found his soulmate the same day

I guess everyday knows that woman and the bond of money is kind of being unbreakable. Because of money woman have done so many disgusting action you'll ever think. In this pictures below this guy just won 30 million from betting then same day getting soul mate what a day for him. No matter what a guy looks like but if he has lots of cash woman won't be a problem for him. Most of the time when a rich person end up broke we know what happen next first thing happen woman will disappear saying she won't date broke guy all excuses you can think of. 

Watch how social media reacted to situation and how they commented about this so called luckiest guy ever. What is your opinion about this relationship? Do you think this guy was gonna get this lady if he wasn't have money? Like and comment below.


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