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Elite. Do you have your friends back like these kids do, are you willing to kill for your friends.

 Elite is about 3 students who get a scholarship to go study at the top school of the wealthy and clashes with the rich kids. it brings thriller, murder, suspense, and romance.

Three students join the school and the rich are giving them a hard time. A murder takes place and things turn upside down, you get to see the power money has and how the poor always gets injustice. 

Samuel is a scholarship kid who falls in love with the wealthy kid Marina and Guzman her brother does not approve for obvious reasons. Marina also dates Samuels older brother Nano behind his back and falls pregnant, they plan to run away together to start a new life but she gets murdered before that happens and Nano becomes a suspect and gets arrested.

Nadia is another scholarship kid, a Muslim with very strict parents and a gay brother who is still in the closet. Nadia falls in love with a wealthy kid Guzman, It all started as a challenge that led to friendship and romance.

Carla, a rich kid who would do anything to protect her family’s reputation no matter the cost.

There's Lu who is dating Guzman and also having self with her half brother.

Polo, who is dating Carla and realizes that he is into man and they start a three-way relationship with a scholarship kid, Christian, and they both fall for him

in all of this mess they have created a very strong bond, they protect each other like family.

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