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She Did Not Tell Me She Was Hiv Positive, This Is How I Find Out (read chats)

Our move from my hometown, Louis Trichardt to Musina to work. I found out for myself how a woman at work in Musina stole my heart and a few days later without ignoring my frustrations when I was a teenager, I braced myself to find the courage to meet her about it and I accepted her feelings, and fortunately everything went well from when she said yes, after all. we started our relationship from that day on.

 As you all know, dating often begins. Everyone should open up and describe some of the things that can happen in their lives. We have all done this but no one has been affected by their health. The reason for this was that when I chatted with him after work I realized that people give me a funny look and it made me wonder why he would do that.

 At first, I thought that maybe she was jealous of me because I was just born in town, and I thought maybe she did because I was one of the most amazing girls. But then I realized that I was wrong because my mother had also given me this form, which made me wonder what was going on for weeks and never get answers to everything I thought about doing this and moving on with my life.

 As I moved I thought maybe she was because she was with another man and maybe she was cheating on me, I decided to pass her phone. I have never had any suspicious conversations with his father whom I was determined to look up to. This is Lesedi's colleague and this is what I saw.

 As you can see from their conversation it is clear that she is HIV positive, and she decided not to tell me about it, unfortunately now we have not achieved anything. So being here if this is, what is the right side?

 Do I ask her about it and expose myself to passing her phone? Do I give him time to come easily on time? Or do I just leave it at that? What is the best way to do this? Please leave your comments below

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