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Pregnancy period

Pregnant learners must be suspended from school for a full year. |Opinion

The reason why learners go to school is that they want to pass and progress to the next class. So what happens when a learners falls pregnant?

Unlike in the oldern days, life orientation and Life Sciences openly teach about things that lead to pregnancy and how to prevent pregnancy. We can't say pregnancy is a mistake unless the girl was forced to poke which would mean she was raped.

When a learner falls pregnant it means she wants to stop being a learner and she wants to be a mother. If you let your boyfriend put the Russian in the oven without plastic, it means you are ready to be a mother. The department is against this but what happens if the water breaks while the learner is in class? What happens if the ambulance takes long to arrive? What happens if she has complications while in class?.

We must let parents to be parents and learners be learners because everyonehas a choice to make, if you make a choice you must stick with it. These learners give birth and continue coming to school instead of taking care of their babies. Babies need their mothers and mot their nannies, that is why there is something called maternity leave at work so that the mother can bond with the child.

When a girl is pregnant and she continues coming to school she sets a bad example to other learners. What happens if there are 20 female learners in a single class and all of them fall pregnant? Who will monitor the situation and make sure that no complications occur? What if all their waters break at the same time? We must avoid this and send pregnant learners home.

They had to choose between school and motherhood, so they should be suspended for the whole year.

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