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Man That Got Rejected By 16 Woman Found Love By Mzansi Is Not Happy About It Because Of This Reason

Man That Got Rejected By 16 Woman Found Love By Mzansi Is Not Happy About It Because Of This Reason


Wjen it come to one the feeling of love is unstoppable, sometimes you get hurt and think of quiting. You'd swear never to be in a relationship ever again of the things you will come across. We tend to get excited but in times fly its where you will feel what love is. Sometimes we say this just because we have not met the right person yet but when we do, we can surely tell.

Mzansi were left speechless after hearing story of a 60-year-old Kabera Paul and his wife, Adorusela who fall in love where there was no hope again.

According to the sourcr the couple find each other where there no hope of live and happiness. But we are happy that they find each other and they are crazy in love with each other. Apparently Paul and Adorusela are both crippled and have been living together as husband and wife for the past 17 years and have never thought of breaking up or even being apart for a minute. Mzansi has gush over their relationship as it seems with the number of years that they have been together they never occurred any challenges.

It was revealed by the source that the poor man John has tried many times to get woman of his dreams. Sad part is that hebhas been rejected by the 16 young ladies whom he tried his lucky with. Apparently he was rejected due to husbstate of his disability. Paul further uncovered that he had trusts that she will consent to wed him since she was likewise handicapped, yet he was not entirely certain in the event that she will acknowledge to wed him and that is the reason he needed to send his sister and sit tight for her answer.

The story had touched many peoe who took it to social media to comment about the love. Today, although Paul and Aderusela can barely feed and are yet to have children they can call theirs after 17 years, but they are still very much in love. As it is expected no body would want to be single for the rest of their life. It's the circumstances that enable them.t9 be in such situations.

We hope that the couple could be together till death do them apart.I hope this inspires you. We pray that all the single boys and girls reading this post will meet the woman or man that will is respected, honored, and loved because we all deserve to be happy.

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