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She wrote I need a man who can treat me like an egg look what happened next there is no peace in SA

When it comes to being creative people on social media are the best, they will do something you didn't even think they will do. You even ask yourself where to they get the mind to think about something so fast and do it and get people so interesting in it that even you ask yourself how come I didn't think of that.

They say be careful what you wish for because people on social media will give it to you on a silver platter, and they won't give you the opposite lol but what you ask for. Sometimes people will write something just to express their feelings little do they know that someone people's creativity is the best they turn something serious into a joke.

A picture of a beautiful lady whose picture was posted on social media after she wrote I need a man that's going to treat me like an egg. Was shared after someone did the creative work and turned her into an egg she wanted to be and that that left people in stitches after what they did with her.

Next time before you post anything on social media be careful what you post otherwise you will find yourself trending. All she ever wanted was a man who is going to treat her like an egg, but someone thought I will teach her a lesson and she will be a laughing stock, this will teach her not to ask for the impossible.

Who would have thought that someone can do something like this and make it look so perfectly that people will be left in shock? People are creative and with all these apps that are everywhere, it's possible to do the impossible.

That was a wish and she didn't think of it like that, when she was texting in her mind she was probably thinking about a man that's going to spoil her and treat her like a lady she is but then knowing social media they will always do the unthinkable.

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