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Do you really like someone and they have not noticed? Get anyone to fall for you by doing this

I can tell you myself that getting your crush to fall for you is very hard and exhausting...not does only do they ignore you but they are usually in love with someone else, come on what could be worse than that. you know most of the time, the people we like just prefer to date people who are very different from who we are. We all know how crazy loves makes us behave...we might sometimes even go as far as trying to copy the behavior of our crushes crush(that is, the person our crush loves) just to try and impress our crush or to get them to fall in love with us. So how do you really get someone you like to fall in love with you?

in reality there is no rigid method of getting someone to just love you overnight BUT there are certain things you could do to make you crush fall for you or to get their attention and this basically works for almost everyone and this way is somehow effective as I have discovered...this method takes a little bit of time but trust me it works and overtime your crush will be more crazy about you, She/he will soon start recognizing you, Not only that but she/he will eventually like you, from like to dating and then dating to love which ultimately leads to know we humans are actually simple beings despite feeling like we are complex, we can be trained to think, feel and act in a certain way. We can also train people to think of us in a certain way...And this is the weakness we will use to infiltrate the heart of our crush. I've had quite a few chicks(and I hope you know what I mean when I say few) which have some peculiar personalities, I've also made girls out of my league to fall for me using this technique but when I'm talking about girls out of my league I'm referring to elite and independent woman and also slay queens aka gold diggers. don't waste your time with slay queens because anyone can have them as long as they have money...what I'm trying to give you here is actually something that will last for a very long time aka the good wife or husband...

ok lets begin:


first impression is the only step you will ever need, the rest you will learn it along the way. First impression is very important if you wanna get someone to fall for you...always leave them impressed or somehow asking questions about you. The one thing you need to do when you see your crush is hint that you like can do this by smiling when they look at you and then you quickly look away as if you blushing...

trust me when a girl does that it's actually a big turn on for us guys strangely enough I have discovered that this also tends to work on listen up! if you are lucky enough to get your crush's number, When you first get a number, wait two days before you text them.

This will create a certain view about you in their minds as they would ask themselves as to why you haven't contacted them, what you are doing is being unpredictable. now when you chat to them always pace your replies, don't rush don't be slow just try to copy their replying pace. now this is very important, please I'm begging you, Always proofread your texts before sending. Read them out loud to check the tone of the text, what usually sounds good in your head is bad when said out loud. if you are into them more than their are into you, make sure you text less frequently. you do this to avoid being called a nuisance that's always texting. As time goes by, try to understand and listen more to your crush, observes what they do and try to talk about things that makes them happy or gets them in the right mood. Try to be more supportive and ask questions when they talk about things, you do this to make them see that you listening and respect them...the one thing that people want is just to be loved, appreciated, to be told that their are hard workers and are loving...try to complement your crush frequently at least every two days or once a week, this makes them feel good about themselves. You can send her/him even hand written love letters trust me, it's one of the cutest thing to do...most of them they will keep your letters safe. If you wanna know if someone is in love with you, you should look at their pupils, science has shown that our pupils expand by 45% when we look at someone we love...

the rest will now depend on what type of person your crush is and after that you should know what to do...If you apply this trick very well, your crush will eventually and strongly fall for you. 



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