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I Dumped My Pretoria Girlfreind And She Started Threatening Me By Sending This (read chats)


Although terciary instuitions of learning were meant to be nothing but a place to learn and only that.Like many other boys when i was at collage i got attracted by a certain girl and i proposed tgat we started a relationship which she agreed.So being in a relationship with her for the past 5-6 years with her was nothing but great since she also doubled as a mother of our son however all that took another turn sometime early last year.

I have been having been having some second thoughts about the relationship with her and planning of ending it for the past 2 years. But the only component that stopped me from doing so was the idea that we shared a child together and I honestly do not want to be an absent father.So now that just only stopped me from breaking up with her but I still did go out and get another girlfriend without her knowledge.

However it seems like doing so was not a great move at all for my other girl has been out in full force pushing me to dump my baby mama, or she leaves,Well although I did not want to do it being given an ultimatum like that I realized that I was left without a choice but to just do it.When I tried to dump her this is what went down,Read the screenshots attached below

As you can see from our chats above,She is determined to fight off my decision and judging by what her and her cousin are holding it seems like she is prepared for anything which I feel like it is now not good or safe for my new girlfriend,I am honestly even afraid if posting her for I fear that if she knows am seeing her she might try to hurt her just to get her off me.

With things being this way if you were the one in this type if situation how would you handle thus matter? Please leave some comments below

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