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Theft robbery

A guy left people in shock after he confessed to stealing this from a girl who broke up with him

Relationships are good when they are going smoothly but things can take a turn for the worst when people decide to break up.

Although some couples can break up amicably and take separate ways some do not leave without a fight. A certain guy jokingly confessed what he had done to a girl who had broken up with him on social media that left a lot of people in shock.

He wrote "She left me so I stole her inhaler. Guess who cant breathe without me now." a lot of people could not believe what he had done and some even thought he would be arrested with attempted murder. he laughed it off and said the only charge he would face was robbery and nothing more.

Some people laughed it off and wondered what could have had happened between the two for him to be so angry to this extent. People should learn to talk thing out as adults and if they do agree to part ways it should not cause any tension between the two.

We are all born with inhuman differences and we cant always agree on everything therefore breakups are inevitable.

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