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Melusi and Don have one thing in common:Gomora See the article below [Opinion]


Two known fathers in Gomora seem to be having difficulties in fathering their sons.The characters of Don and Melusi have one thing in common which is fatherhood crisis.Even though they might not agree to this but they are struggling to be the fathers that are needed by their sons.Melusi is a present father to everyone else besides his son.

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He was present and loved his favourite newly found son Langa and he can’t stop praising him.Maybe he is forgetting that Langa wasn’t raised by him and therefore he found him perfect and didn’t have to do anything.Whilst he is the one who has been instilling values in the life of Ntokozo.Basically Ntokozo is the product of Melusi’s values and teachings this means that if there’s anyone to be blamed is Melusi and no one else.See the link below:

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This is the bitter truth that Melusi wouldn’t swallow or even think about.On the other hand Don who has been the absent father for nineteen years he is now back.To him it’s like he wants to prove a point so that everyone can see that he is back to change the life of his son.Of which he is currently doing, by destroying the teachings that Zodwa gave Teddy for all these years whithin few months.

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Don seems to be buying the love of his son and one thing that is clear is that he is also facing fatherhood crisis.He is trying to compensate for the year that he was absent and he doesn’t know how to do it.He is doing what ever seems to be right before him.In all this the people who get affected the most are the children.Ntokozo has decided to be rebellious and nonchalant to any one’s rebukes.Teddy is confused he has not been rebellious but the confusion keeps growing everyday.

Photo Credit:Gomora Mzansi Twitter

The writers and producers of this telenovela are teaching about fatherhood crisis and the effects of the same issues.The kids are the ones who suffers the most.Maybe Don and Melusi should seek out for help before the ruin their childrens lives completely.

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