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He threw a glass of whisky at me for answering his phone. I was 7 months pregnant.

A woman went to Twitter to share her ordeal at the hands of her domestic partner. The woman, Zamatolo tweeted:

"I answered a call that was from his girlfriend. I didn't know that because the call was from a landline. He was outside and I thought the call was important. I was 7 months pregnant, that's when he threw a whisky bottle at me but luckily he missed. He then took a broom and beat me till it broke to pieces. All because I answered his phone".

Zamatolo later revealed that the baby was unharmed and that she later left the man.

Zamatola was relaying her story alongside other women who had suffered physical violence from their partners. It's really scary how so many men find little issue with physically hitting a woman. All the laws of chivalry and society look down on such but many men have no issue at all. It's truly one of the most shocking things in society today.

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