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Divorce Affair

"Stop cheating guys." Man warns after seeing what this woman did

Infidelity is the main cause of many breakups in the world. no one wants to be betrayed and if there is no more trust in a relationship then it is doomed to fail.

People are different therefore their reaction when they have been cheated on also differ. while others chose to stay calm and perhaps just walk away some will use violence to deal with their anger.

A certain woman went viral after she allegedly caught her man cheating. She was recorded as she splashed all his groceries on his bed mixing everything from mealie meal, sugar to washing powder. The bed became a mess with all the food that was being poured on it. From the way she did it everything would be going to waste as there was no way the items could be recovered.

A lot of people found it very funny and concluded that Xhosa women wee not to be messed with as they were heard speaking isiXhosa in the video. Some people however condemned the woman for her drastic actions saying what could happen if they were to get back together and she would have lost all that food for noting.

Sometimes peace is really necessary even if you have been hurt. cheating has always been there therefore if you happen to be cheated on rather walk away and start afresh as opting for violence might end up getting you arrested. no matter how angry you are the law will always remain intact and once you are caught with a crime you will be arrested.

This woman must have been really hurt for her to even consider that ruining everything was the only solution but the truth is it did not solve anything. It can only make matters worse and fixing the relationship will even get difficult.

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