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IN Pics:Ladies Should Learn To Make Their Own Money After Watching This

It is very much important as a woman to make your own money. This two ladies seems to be friends and they want a soft life. The other lady was busy fighting with the guy and he told her to get our of his car. The lady was refusing to get out of the car, maybe this is because she knows that she does not have money to go back home. This might also be they are in the middle of nowhere and she is scared. Her friend seems not be bothered and she is not even saying anything to help her friend. She is scared that the car will tell her to get out of the car.

As much as women want to have a soft life something like this will always happen. They dress in a way that it seems like they are advertising themselves. A man will not respect you when you do not want to respect yourself. The guy took advantage because he knows that she does not have money and she has nowhere to go. People who were with them they could not even beg the guy to stop. This shows a man with money will never respect you as long as he sees that you do not a dime in your name.

The lady felt embarrassed but there is nothing that she can do. As a lady if you are going you out with a guy you need to have your own money in your pocket. This man take advantage because they know that you depend on them to take you back home. Normalize working for your own money and you will not be a subject to humiliation. The so called friend is quite and watching her friend being humiliated. This shows that women need to practice indepence for their own sanity.


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