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Siyacela versus Thando. - [Who glowed up and 'blew up'?] Isencane Lengane

Twitter users seem to be on team Thando.

Marriage is said to a life changing experience, what more a marriage between two teenagers? It has been about four years since the premiere of Isencane Lengane, the Moja Love reality show centered around the Dlamuka family. At the age of 16,we as a country watched on as Moja love racked in viewers by embracing the teen marriage situation.

Here is what the comment section looked like on Twitter. Thando takes the cup!

Would you allow your daughter to not only get married at 16 but to a boy like Siyacela?

Glow up or blow up? Thando is growing into a beautiful young woman and is glowing. She has also been very vocal about education and it importance.

Blow up? Siyacela is obviously having the time of his life at the driving school he works at and is eating very well as we can see.

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