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She shared a picture of her food and bill but people noticed something sh0cking on that bill

Sometimes it's nice to go out and spoil yourself once in a while, and this means you going alone but the frustrating part about all this is that things are expensive. That's why people don't like going out, but then again some people don't mind paying and spending time alone, despite how expensive things can be.

Like this lady who took to her social media account and shared that solo dates are a scam can someone please replace her money? Lol twitter men are stingy instead of saying ok am coming or I will ewallet you the money, they started complaining about her bill.

And by just looking at the bill and the food you can see that no way that solo date was expensive indeed. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with spoiling yourself but some things are way too expensive.

A packet of potatoes when you buy them uncooked is R10 to R15 but what this lady paid is the one that got people talking. As for the steak that piece of meat R200 haibo doesn't make since you can buy the meat to eat for the whole month. I guess that's the reason why people decided to avoid the question and focus on the prices.

Even if someone would want to take her on the next date it will be impossible to do that she is too expensive, no one would want to pay R35 for potatoes, R200 for steak. This lady needs a blessed for this kind of life. This is what people had to say about this bill. Because it looks like the KONKA bill.

Some women are living the life and they are not apologetic about it. R400 bill for food in just one day imagine, you can't go out unplanned when it comes to such things you need to plan, otherwise, you might end up washing the dishes.

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