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A man murdered his wife and then shot himself in the head after this tragedy. Find Out How He Murder

One issue with modern marriages is that they don't have the same emotional depth as those of the past. The frequent and often violent fights between partners in modern relationships can be attributed to actions on the part of both partners. Friends and family members are the most precious individuals in anyone's life, therefore the thought that they could turn on you and kill you is terrifying. It's not uncommon for greed and deception to play a role. When we were married, it seemed obvious that sharing financial responsibilities would cause friction in a marriage.

The concept of "community property" marriage has been tied to at least one murder. Successful Venda businessman who allegedly killed his wife and then himself has taken his own life. It has been claimed that Edward Nelwondo, the multimillionaire owner of a security firm, recently divorced his wife of many years.

They dated for six months before breaking up and he eventually married his new girlfriend. Through experience, he realized that she wasn't the ideal life partner. They divorced under the state's community property laws, so she gets half of his multimillion dollar business and he gets the other half.

Realizing his own helplessness, Edward went home and shot his wife and then himself. Edward's worst mistake was probably marrying this woman; he soon became weary of her and couldn't stand the notion of her squandering his money on meaningless baubles. People on social media started telling us to stay away from states that legalized property marriage after we made our plans public to do so.

Everything that has happened, in my opinion, is the result of karma. Before tying the knot, it is recommended that the couple spend time getting to know each other individually. Before he was confident of his feelings for the woman, Edward married her. Because of these problems, the couple broke up. The question is, what do you think? Have you come to the same conclusion, Edward? When putting yourself in his position, the question becomes "If you were in his shoes, what would you do?"


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