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Why is it hard to take a bath in front of your newly found partner? (OPINION)

When a person is in a new relationship, you will see them glowing. A new relationship does wonders on people's lives. The felicity that comes with it is everlasting.

When two people are in love, it is as if the world revolves around them. They are always next to each other, sharing their deepest secrets, jokes and sentiments. Even so, there are things that when two people are in love are diffident to do like kissing and taking baths in front of each other.

Why is it hard to take a bath when your newly found partner is in the same room as you? [LOL].

Most people are free to do anything even to take baths infront of their partners after few months. When the relationship is still fresh it is hard to be yourself and confident, especially girls. Perhaps they do not want to make their male partners get silly ideas.

What they are doing is a good thing because when the relationship is still fresh the two people involved still have to get to know each other very well before taking things to another level.

Bear in mind that people fall in love for different reasons. Unfortunately, others just fall in love for their own selfish reasons. People who are egocentric exists, and they actually do not care about others but themselves. Falling in love with such a person won't be a nice thing because what they know best is to lookout for themselves and no one else.

Most young people fall in love for money, the reason why their relationships do not last. When you fall in love with someone because he/she is loaded, what will happen if their source of income is depleted? Obviously, the relationship will come to an end.

Love people for who they are, not for what they have!

Lastly, why is it hard to take a bath in front of a newly found partner?

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