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Inspiring story: man says the lady used to sell tomatoes see more below of where they came from

Love is a beautiful thing but if you love someone it's always good to stick by them no matter what even when they have nothing. Some people want things to happen just like that, without a little sacrifice but it doesn't work like that in life. We have people who are not patient enough all they want is for things to happen quickly and if they don't gap what they want they move on to the next person leaving the one who is struggling.

Some people don't know that a little sacrifice can take you a long way. We have people today who left their relationship only because they thought things are not moving fast enough for them the way they want them to. Things are not happening the way they expected them to.

Not knowing that a little patients can bring you a lot of happiness. A man inspired people on social media after sharing pictures of himself and his partner when they started dating and years later. The guy wrote how it started VS how it's going as they were celebrating their anniversary please see below.

Each and everyone of this pictures has a story in it. In the beginning of the picture the guy explains that when he first dates the lady she was selling tomatoes, and because he loved her he would go and sit with her and they will sell tomatoes together and he never judged her and that brought them together and it made their love even stronger that's why they are still together even today.

Looking at these pictures you can see that this couple started together from the bottom, with nothing but no matter what the lady stayed with him and the guy stayed with her because they loves each other. She builds everything with him, not like this other woman out there who just wants to find things standing.

Today the guy is an attorney they are married and they also have a baby. Though they had challenges of life they faced them together, because there was a time where the guy was told the child is not his, but despite all of that they are still together and in love.

If you love each other you can do this despite what comes your way.


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