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Husband and wife relationship

Wife drags her husbands side chic to court. See the outcome

Side chics have often been blamed for wrecking marriages. 

Now married women are taking the stand and fighting against these so called "side chics."

No they are not physically fighting them but they are taking them to court and suing for damages.

Side chic Kemolebale Ralegoreng was taken to court by Veleminah Ketlogetswe of Hukuntsi for allegedly wrecking the latter’s eight-year marriage to Innocent Ketlogetswe, 34.

Veleminah alleged that her marriage had broken beyond repair because of their adulterous affair. 

The court heard that sometime in October 2019, Ketlogetswe caught her husband with another woman; a certain Lolo, at her matrimonial place, and Lolo led her to yet another woman (Ralegoreng), who was also cheating with Innocent.

According to Ketlogetswe, her rival then confirmed during an altercation that she had had a three months affair with Innocent.

She alleged that her husband had even taken his side chic to Durban for holiday. She said when she confronted her rival about the issue, she apologized and stated she would end the affair. 

But to her surprise she continued seeing messages as well as phone calls from her on her husband's phone. 

Her husband is a soldier. 

Chief Dihutso dismissed the case and ordered Ralegoreng to stay away from Ketlogetswe’s husband or pay eight cows for marriage wrecking if she failed to comply.

Source: The Voice (Botswana) Fri, 8 Oct 2021

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